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Join Pat and Colm for some Music Bingo every Friday night. Bop along, sing along, dance along to great playlists and fun theme events.

You’ll need 2 Devices . A Laptop or PC to watch the stream through ZOOM  (you don’t have to use your camera or microphone)  and a Tablet or Mobile Device for your Bingo Card.  You’ll have 30 seconds or more of every song so you can sing and dance in the comfort of your own house. 
Winning lines will win tickets to other events and whoever gets BINGO wins a prize. There are two games every night.

When you purchase you will receive a link for the Zoom meeting and a link for your bingo card. The bingo card and link for the ZOOM meeting will not be live until 7.30pm the night of the event . 

ZOOM starts – 7.30pm
Music Bingo starts – 8pm


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